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Shimano Claris ST-R240/R240 Road Flat Bar Shift/Brake 2x8 Dual Control Lever

These shifters are perfect for riders who are used to MTB gears but are now trying road riding for the first time. Designed specifically for flat bars the shifters offer a fast and accurate gear change at the touch of the lever and like MTB levers they feature a 2-way release which allows the upper shift lever to perform the same shift function but swings in either direction allowing it to be released by the thumb or index finger.

Another great feature of the levers is a clearly visible optical gear display which allows you to see what gear you are in. This is great for new riders as it will help them to get a better understanding of the gears.


Levers come complete with SP41 gear cables.

Clearly visible optical gear display

Shimano New Super SLR brake compatible

Adjustable to work with V-brake ,calliper brake, cantilever brakes and cable disc brake

For use with 8-speed drivetrains

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